Peter Kaizer

product designer

Design deliverables and the design process in a multi-viewport era

Jun 9, 2014

There has been a lot of dialog lately in the web design field about what's the best method for giving design deliverables to your clients. In what is often referred to as a post-comp or responsive design era we need to find new and more adaptive ways to present our designs to clients.

Last week the fine folks at Typecast teamed up with Dan Mall a great digital designer and the founder and creative director of Super Friendly to do a webcast called Design deliverables for a post-comp era.

Design deliverables for a post-comp era

In his part of the presentation Dan talks about great techniques such as visual inventory and element collages as a great way to create a more efficient process. He also mentioned something that really resonated with me which is that it's less about the tool that you use and more about what's the fastest way to get the highest fidelity in front of your clients so they can really understand what you're proposing in the design phase of a project.

In the second part of the presentation Jamie Neely, the creative director for Typecast, demos using Typecast as a mechanism for conceptualizing the design of the site. From the looks of it Typecast has really grown and has much more robust capability than when I first looked at it. Definitely a service will consider signing up for.

Take a look at this really great presentation, they have some additional seminars coming up as well as an archive of past presentations. Let me know in the comments below what you think or if you have any new approaches to designing in this multi-viewport era.