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Articles of interest January 27, 2013

Jan 27, 2013

This weeks articles of interest all focus in some way on front-end web design, markup and performance.

Structural Semantics The Importance Of HTML5 Sectioning Elements
An in depth look at the semantic nature of html5 sectioning elements. I need to incorporate these more into my mark up.

Front-end performance for web designers and front-end developers
The incomparable Harry Roberts from CSS Wizardry takes an in-depth look at front-end performance and makes some good suggestions.

Dumb software
I just love this post by Kyle Neath who works at Github. Complexity is rampant in software design these days and sometimes it just feels right to use tried, true and predictable tools.

Redesigning Google: how Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution
Google web and mobile apps are looking really great these days. The Verge takes a look at how Google co-founder Larry Page steered his company in this direction after tasking over as CEO.