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Articles of interest January 19, 2013

Jan 19, 2013

I save a lot of articles I find online to the really great Readability service to read later - usually I read them on the very nice Readability app for the iPad. Something new I am going start and try to do weekly is post a group of the most interesting here. I am linking to them on readability so you get a nicely formatted page that can be printed or viewed online. Welcome to the inaugural edition.

Design Practice:The Design Lesson
Andy Rutledge first published this piece in Sept. 2010. He has since rewritten it a bit and it's definitely worth a read. I am sure that Andy and I would disagree on anything related to politics but on design and design practice he is spot on.

Scaling Your UX Strategy
An interesting look at ways that User Experience (UX) is finding it's way into the enterprise.

Show Your Code: Use Github to Maintain Your Code Portfolio
Since I am currently enamored of GitHub and moving my design and development workflow to it this nice overview piece is of particular interest.

20 top web design and development trends for 2013
An interesting look at what might be the top web design and development trends for the coming year.

From lame to Lion—the 12-year evolution of OS X
An interesting look back at the evolution of the Mac OS X operating system.

See my entire Readability archive. Feel free to comment on any of these.