Peter Kaizer

product designer

A charming site launch

Mar 5, 2012

My friend and jewelry designer Jodi Bloom is launching a new version of her So Charmed website this week. Jodi is a terrific graphic designer, story teller and talented designer of off beat jewelry for—as she describes—punks and princesses. Each piece has a story behind it. I helped her launch an earlier version of the site years ago that was static html. After a year or so trying the Shopify e-commerce platform she wanted to go back to platform that better enabled the story telling aspect of her work. Since she was already using Wordpress to publish her blog I suggested we develop a custom Wordpress theme and publishing mechanism to allow her to use Wordpress for the new version of her site.

Jodi designed the interface and I developed the Wordpress Theme and publishing routine. Using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and the Simple Paypal Shopping Cart plugin made for a simple and easy administrative user experience to publish new pieces, tell the story behind them and make them available for purchase via Paypal. I also integrated liking a piece on Facebook and Pinning to Pinterest into the product posts.