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This is my personal web space, where I post about technology, design and food, along with other things that catch my eye. You can read more about me or contact me.

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Great piece about getting setting up a workflow that can succeed

April 7, 2014
A nice post about involving clients in your mobile workflow to really work together. Love many of the points Big Spaceship points this out in this inspiring manual.

A round up of articles about typography and web typography

April 6, 2014
Some articles on typography and web typography.

A Look at 2014 Design Trends

April 5, 2014
A nice post from local Baltimore digital agency R2I that looks at what's coming up this year in web design and UX.

Designing for performance

April 3, 2014
A great pressentation deck and list of resources from Lara Swanson, Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy, on how to design for page load time.

Articles of interest April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014
Some articles about the evolving nature of our roles as workers in the digital space.

The best tech April Fools Day jokes of 2014

April 1, 2014
Tech companies seem to love April Fools day. Here is a round-up of some of their pranks.

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About me

I am a digital and user experience strategist with broad-based online experience, including digital and email marketing, responsive design and development, social media and content strategy. I have been a frequent speaker on developing a meaningful digital presence for organizations and non-profits.

Until recently, I was the digital director for a global humanitarian aid organization. There, I built and led the digital team, managed front and back end development, online branding, user experience, information architecture and email marketing.

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